Dealing With Stress

It is said that 40% of happiness or unhappiness is due to our own actions. These intentional activities and habits we create in ourselves are so strongly correlated to our own emotional well-being that it is important as leaders and managers that we manage our stress due to these factors.

The habits that effect our happiness the most are expressing gratitude, deliberate optimism  and mostly the fact that we often over-think and compare ourselves with others. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Every man is born an original, but sadly, most men die copies.” It is because we constantly look to others for comparison and over think our own decisions. In order to remain original and manage stress as it comes, it is paramount to practice acts of kindness and openly give social support.

We must learn to cope with our stress and balance the flow of negative things in our lives. This can mean coping with problems themselves, or coping with our own emotions. If one can manage that they are able to control their own responses to the stressors they encounter. Developing problem focused strategies to avoid stress is a way to attack stress before it happens. If you know what sets you off, work to eliminate the stressor at its source or work around it.

When all else fails, expose yourself to the things that provide you the most pleasure. Challenge yourself to find new things if there are few pleasures you can afford, but either way you must deal with stress before it deals with you!




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