Management and Leadership Timeline (Part II)

This is a continuation of my prior post Management and Leadership Timeline (Part I).

Have you ever wondered where all of these theories and management styles came from? How old are they? Who discovered them? Well, I put together a dated list to help you understand when and where these techniques and theories were discovered. Here is the continuation!

1960-1964 – Management Grid – Robert Blake and Jane Mouton develop a Managerial Model that explains management and its relations. The grid uses two axis: Concern for people and Concern for task. This is the notion that two dimensions can describe a managerial behavior.

1964-1978 – Performance Technology – The behavioral engineering model becomes the bible for performance technology and is the only logical way to define performance requirements.

1978-1989 – Excellence – The Management “guru” is born.

1990-1994 – Learning Organization – The organization is finally described as an organism with the capacity to enhance its capabilities and shape its own future. The use of learning an organization provides systems of alignment mechanisms to achieve goals through the ranks.

1995-2000 – Ethics – Ethos and Leadership are stressed in business in order to improve all aspects of the organization.

2000-Present Day – Business Process Management (BPM) – A slow advance process management that has the roots of Record Management, Workflow, Business Process Re-engineering, and Business Process Management.


So now you can get a bigger, better picture of how business management and leadership has evolved over the last 120 years! Pretty cool I though. I wonder what the future will bring with these challenging economic times…


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