Management and Leadership Timeline (Part I)

This next post is one of two parts. I decided to construct a  timeline of management and leadership over the past 120 years. Have you ever wondered where all of these theories and management styles came from? How old are they? Who discovered them? Well, I put together a dated list to help you understand when and where these techniques and theories were discovered.
  • 1929 – 1931 – Taylorism – Scientific management in the industry.
  • 1932-1945 – The Hawthorne Studies – Questioning of behavioral assumptions of scientific management concluding that human factors were often more important than physical conditions in motivating employees.
  • 1946-1948 – Organization Development – Change theory, action research, and action learning spark the idea of Organizational Development. This is the systematic application of behavioral science knowledge at various levels.
  • 1949-1953 – Sociotechnical Systems Theory– Research leads the development of the Sociotechnical Systems theory which considers both the social and the technical aspects when designing jobs. It is a complete opposite from Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management.
  • 1954-1958 – Hierarchy of Needs – Leadership Management – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is published. The Practice of Management introduces the 5 basic roles of managers. What is our organizational business structure and what should it be?
  • 19591960 – Hygiene and Motivational Factors -Herzberg’s list of factors were developed and must be present in the job before motivators can be used to stimulate workers.
  • 1960’s – Theory X&Y – Action Learning – McGregor’s principles influence design and implementation of personnel policies and practices.


Check in tomorrow to see the rest of the timeline up to present day!


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