Keep your social media presence legit!

Today I just wanted to write a little bit about social media since it has been consuming much of my free time lately. Building a social brand is difficult and keeping your social media etiquette in line is an important duty if you wish to avoid problems and maximize your potential.

Obviously in the professional world, correspondence is everything. Communicating with people is what makes the world go round and your business a success. If you find that people are not returning your calls, emails, or texts, they may not have the professional courtesy that is expected in this world where technology is ever-increasing our ability to connect with each-other. In business, social media is a tool that can be used to meet and build relationships with new people. It is a way to network without even leaving the comfort of your own home and it is growing in popularity. In an instant, you can make new friends, customers, business acquaintances, and important relationships and keep them fresh and personal.

The key to polishing your social media presence and etiquette are honesty, valuable content, accessibility, conversational generation, good listening, good questions, helping people freely, putting other people first, tapping into the community, and surrounding yourself with meaningful people who are smarter than you.

It is important to remember that even though social media is a great way to network, the platforms and content it is not the connection itself. Whether or not the connection is built on quality is up to you. You have to make it real.


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