Boost Your Leadership Influence

Being a leader is not about power or status, it is about your influence on others. Good leaders will recognize that truth is the key to honing their attention and focusing on their ability and strengths when it comes to influencing followers.

Leaders must remember to:

  • Treat people as ends and not as means to an end. If followers and employees start to feel like they are just another tool in the companies toolbox, this could lead them to feel neglected.
  • Make generous mistakes. If you have to make errors, it is important to be generous with your time and resources. Forgiveness is a powerful ally.
  • Be clear and let people know their place. Never let under performing employees think they are doing will, and never let over-performing employees continue without praises. Make sure you are giving direction as a leader!
  • Use belief as a power source. Don’t let guilt and fear bring down yourself or an organization. Lead them to believe they can do anything they put their mind too. Lead them to believe that their team has their back, this way when it comes down to it, they have each others backs.
  • Praise is golden. Sticking to the “praise in public, punish in private” rule of thumb is crucial to maintaining respectful relationships. Loosing your cool as a leader can be permanently detrimental to your respect levels.
  • Dont respond to irrationally angry employees in front of the team. You have to set a president that you are in control of the situation and that you don’t let things get out of hand.
  • Muster the courage for apology when it is due. You can’t go wrong with apologizing when you make a mistake. Making excuses only makes the situation worse.
  • Hand written notes are effective ways to send encouragement, praise, or make apologies. It is so personal to sit down and take time to write something out for someone. They will notice your extra effort.
  • Set the bar high! When you do, you have something to work for. Excellence is honorable and inspiring
  • Always keep your promises and commitments.  The moment you neglect your commitments and stop doing what you say you will do, your integrity suffers. Be consistent. People judge you by your actions so let them speak louder than words and in a positive way!
Sticking to these tips will significantly improve your leadership influence and hopefully your followers will take up some of the important side effects and embody themselves in their own work ethic and way of life. Good Luck!

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