Grow Your Own Optimism

I have to admit that I am not a naturally optimistic person. I’ve had my experiences with pessimistic outlooks on life and work and success. It has worn down my will to succeed at times and I have to constantly put my outlook in check and make sure that I am thinking in the right direction. Intentional activities and habits contribute a significant amount to our feelings of happiness. The expression of thankfulness and gratitude is a good way to boost happiness in yourself, and boost happiness and gratitude in others. It spreads!

Being an optimistic person is challenging for some and easy for others. Nobody said optimism is an easy thing to adopt and integrate into their lives. Then again not a whole lot of valuable things come easy. Having a pessimistic outlook might save you from letdowns but otherwise it is something that can work to drag you down and snuff out your happiness slowly. There is no need to pretend that we live in a perfect world so there is no use to ignoring the challenges that life throws at us, but hanging onto negative things that happened in the past, and worrying about the future are two unhelpful things that can impede your attempts at optimism. Being optimistic means expecting things will go our way. The chances of that happening are usually about as equal as them not going our way, so if you have to anticipate future events then why not be optimistic if you have a choice?

Hoping things will go your way is not the same as being optimistic. Hope is different and involves specific focus on goals and means to achieving specific goals or objectives. Hope is more of a feeling than a cognitive state of nature. Hope has value, but it is not optimism.

Being optimistic means reminding yourself that you do have strengths and you do have the will to succeed if you choose to. Come up with some goals in order to let your best self emerge. By doing that you can truly enhance your true purpose and let it emerge as an optimistic quality in yourself. If you help and encourage others there is an even better chance that you will see your effort succeed, which will drive you even more to be optimistic. Start expecting good things to happen and they will happen!


One thought on “Grow Your Own Optimism

  1. Pessimistic people don’t understand the value of a good outlook in life. I believe that all if not a great portion of very successful people would not have made it with a pessimistic outlook. Last night I watch a show about billionaires and they all said you don’t become super rich unless you take huge risks. In doing so they all failed along the way so it was thier optimistism that lead the path to huge success.

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