Partnerships: Benefits and Limitations

Partnerships can be highly beneficial, and extremely limiting. Depending on who you choose to partner with, the partnership might just end up becoming a serious problem in the long run. Of course if you choose a partner wisely a partnership can grow in to a constructive and beneficial relationship or business. If not, well… Things don’t work out as smoothly as predicted.

As a partner in a start-up media production company I fully understand the challenges that a this particular bond forms. Being able to challenge the processes, policies, and behaviors of your partner(s) in order to reach optimum performance is important. All involved partners must be able to take criticism constructively and be able to manage their emotions and the emotions of everyone in the organization. In order to build a culture of performance around a shared or collective vision, you must know the limits to your own authority as well as knowing how you react when your own power is challenged. Assuming responsibility and correcting problem situations is a key duty as a partner.

Partners must not turn on each other in any way. As soon as one partner decides that a  problem is not theirs and they placing blame or assigning responsibilities to the other partner due to lack of trust or communication, the jig is up. It just can’t work that way. Individualist behavior cannot be accepted and will not be beneficial to a partnership so instead, try to work toward a compromise.

The bottom line is that partnerships are built on trust, reasonable compromise, and challenges. If you can’t achieve a partnership and turn an individualist into an effective partner with beneficial behavior, your partnership will fail. If you can however build a responsible partnership then the benefits will expose themselves on their own without force.


2 thoughts on “Partnerships: Benefits and Limitations

  1. I have seen it so many times where If you help someone out, even a competitor, it turns out being beneficial for both individuals. So, I believe partnerships are critical to success.

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