Discovering Opportunity

I consider myself a natural entrepreneur. I have yet to explore entrepreneurship and add it to my educational path, but I still feel that I have at least a natural knack for it. I am finding out quickly that there a lot of misnomers and myths about entrepreneurship.  How to become a successful entrepreneur is a broad and personal subject. This is one of the fields of study that you really need to find some proven evidence to support any claims regarding what works and what doesn’t.

From what I have learned so far, experience is one of the only actual credible sources that proves what successful entrepreneurship is. Following a certain person who does it well can benefit you and rather than copying their style, using their framework to build your own style can be a good way to start.

Being an open individual is important if you want to discover opportunities. If you believe you are the best, then you are the best. Unfortunately if you are an expert on anything you will walk around knowing it and this will harm your ability to discover and seize opportunities and knowledge. If you always keep a “beginners mind” you will never miss out on opportunities that may pass you by as an expert. If you teach an organization to do this then you build strength and diversity in not only yourself, but your entire organization as a whole.



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