Trust In Meaningful Relationships

Building close relationships is one of the most important things you can do with other people. Building trust once you have a close relationship with your employees is even more important. True trust between superiors and subordinates is the only way you can fully learn each others strengths and vulnerabilities, and is only state leaders can lead to the best of the whole organizations ability.

In order to form these truly trustful relationships a great leader must make their intentions clear and pure. As in my prior post, having a goal, purpose, or promise is important. Staying true to those promises is even more important as it is the key to proving your honesty and integrity. Becoming a trustworthy leader will give power not only to that leader, but to the organization as a whole. Since your business is the reason you have these relationships, supplying power, trust, and integrity to the organization is nearly the most important aspect of leadership. Good old-fashioned concern and care for an organization can go a long way when you first build a foundation of trust for it to stand on.


4 thoughts on “Trust In Meaningful Relationships

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. Trusting your employees is the key to a good working relationship. You should read this book I read called The One Minute Manager, the individual whom the book is about has the best relationship with his subordinates because he trusts them.

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