Data Mining

Today I wanted to write a little bit about data mining and its potential use in management. There are many ethical standpoints regarding the way data is mined on the internet and on digital networks around the globe. Online organizations are constantly tracking every click and mouse movement of internet users in a way that is almost criminal, yet people almost overlook the fact that it is happening. Ethically, it is pushing the boundaries to collect data and use it without each private users permission. On one hand the use of data mining can strip citizens of their individual privacy online, on the other hand organizations like universities and businesses can use it in their own networks to protect their students, workers, or faculty, and maybe even make the organization more efficient and enjoyable.

After reading this article it became apparent that managers and leaders could use this same technique to help protect their business via their computer network and IT department. Using data mined or gathered from employee networks could do more than just help protect them from workplace violence, it could help the organization be more productive and efficient. Making sure not to violate the privacy of employees, collecting data and forming cross-functional teams to analyze and interpret the data could prove to be an extremely helpful tool as long as it is not viewed as a violation of privacy by associates. As long as the employees are fully aware that the data is being collected and in some cases are invited to participate in interpreting and analyzing the data outcomes, data mining could be a helpful tool to improve organizations instead of being viewed and used as an invasion of privacy.


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