The Job Market

As the stock market crashes again and again, it is a scary realization that I will be searching for professional employment in the coming months. I continue to hear that jobs are scarce with the unemployment rate in Nevada at 13% where California is  just over 12%. Those numbers can be upsetting and disheartening for graduating seniors hoping to break into the working world and make a difference. Good leadership skills are paramount to push through difficult times in this country and so I continue the search for a reliable source that can help me find opportunities in the scarcely changing job market. I keep asking myself how will I ever find a job where I can actually choose the job because I see myself fitting with the organization, and not just taking a job because it simply was the only one I could get? Finally I found some hope online.

A great new site that I have been frequenting over the last few weeks is After browsing daily for opportunities I began to search for something that is actually a reliable collection of open job positions searchable by location. Finally I found and it gave me hope when I saw what my search criteria produced. I thought it was really helpful and it gave me a little more hope as I look toward the future.



2 thoughts on “The Job Market

  1. Sir I can respect your concern about the economy, but try to keep a positive outlook! There are many jobs available, and the soon-to-be graduating class at UNR will be very likely to seize those opportunities. I wanted to suggest another site that you might keep in mind while searching for a job, its . Good luck buddy!

    • Thanks Frank! I have a positive outlook for myself, I simply am trying to find ways to overcome and prosper when times are rough. I actually have been surprised about the availability of jobs for graduates with recently completed bachelors degrees in business. Check out this article I found recently:

      Along with that, it was great to hear Sarah Mahoney talk in class via Skype about how UNR Business Alumni are in the same competitive realm as Alumni from Cornell and Harvard. It gives me a serious sense of pride in my business education at UNR. I think she is totally right. As far as the site, I was seriously impressed that “hiring increased 22 percent from last year.” I have been looking for jobs and I get the feeling that this statistic is true. I guess we’ll find out come December!

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