How do you choose your style of management or leadership?

Over the years I have been managed and led by a handful of different people, each with their own style and choice as to how they guide their workforce toward success and productivity. Some managers choose to rule their troupe with a tight grip; demanding respect and pushing employees to their maximum. Other managers bring love to the workplace and are passive, yet extremely convincing and inspiring. From personal experience I have come to understand that each style of management is unique and produces different results, evokes different feelings from employees and followers, and can be uniquely useful in different employment environments. The question I ask myself at this point in my career is how do I choose my own style of management and leadership? As I emerge into the world as a young business entrepreneur, what kind of manager and leader will I become? How will I develop my style?

As I determine what will be the best way to shape my own leadership skills, I am realizing that I need to match my own natural skills and abilities to the type of leadership and management style I adopt. More so, it is more important that I shape my style to fit the certain and specific needs of my followers and employees. Their needs are what I must meet in order to build successful relationships and foster workforce productivity.

There are six basic leaderships styles that should be considered by managers and businesspeople in charge of guiding employees; Visionary, Coaching, Affirmative, Democratic, Pace-setting,  and Commanding.

Developing these styles and morphing them into my own style will be something I achieve as I begin to use my skills as a young entrepreneur.

This article is a great example of ways you should develop your leadership style.


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